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Statutory & CA Internal Audit & Assurance Service In Ahmedabad


1. Statutory Audit:

Statutory Audits are conducted by our expert team using CAATs and audit techniques that have been derived from vast experience of more than 37 years as well as modern technology. Our audits are done in various environments such as multi-geographic entities to multi-company groups and our experience ranges from all sectors of the economy including Manufacturing, Trade, Overseas Trades, Power Companies, Shipping Companies, Oil Exploration, Pharma, Chemicals, Automobiles, Educational Institutes, Hospitality Industry, FMCG, Retail Chains to name a few.

Our team composition consists of an Industry Expert, Experienced CAs with relevant team along with audit techniques & software designed to adapt to the auditees environment, we add value to our clients alongside our audit procedures.

a) Private Limited Companies & Closely Held Entities

Understanding the environment of business in which Private & Closely Held entities work, the objectives of operations, setup method & style and hierarchies involved, we provide exceptional value addition to business units while conducting the auditing & assurance activities with a focus to identify design & reporting gaps in the organization and provide schemas that adapt to the said structures thereby maximizing the underlying objectives.

b) Public Companies

Having worked with some of the largest publicly traded companies in India, we have a robust system of assurance activities equipped with team & analytics to undertake the assurance functions of some of the most complex business units wherein we maintain utmost confidentiality of data and use international audit & practice management softwares.

c) Trust, NGOs & Charitable Institutions

Charitable Trusts & Public Trusts operate with a specific objective and agenda. While assurance is carried out within the framework of the applicable laws, our audit procedures also cover the aspect of the trust being put into action. We are working with International NGOs, Projects funded by International Government in alliance with NGOs in India as well as standalone entities in India having domestic & foreign grants.

We have worked on specific grant audits also wherein verification of budgeted & actual expenditures along with adherence to the objectives of grant are covered under the assurance assignment.

d) Banks

Banking forms the spine of the financial system of any country. Banks play a very important part in the same. We are working with Banks, Financial Institutions & NBFCs in the field of Payment Systems Assurance, Forensic Audits & Investigations, RBI Compliance Audits, Concurrent Audits, Branch Audits, Statutory Audits, Customer Experience Audits etc.

Recently the firm has been empaneled as an Agency for Specialized Monitoring (ASM) wherein the firm has undertaken key critical accounts and has been delivering effective results to the lenders.

e) Government companies

A number of Government bodies and organizations undergo Audit. A lot of these are audits are done to ascertain the justifiable utilization of the welfare funds spent by Government Agencies (Proprietary Aspect of Audit). These audits are conducted at a vast expanse of a diversified geography and the same requires an extensive knowledge of the Government schemes and functioning for which the Firm has immense experience spread over 36 years with specialized teams in place that is updated with the latest accounting norms issued by the Government / Ministry from time to time. It is the responsibility of the Auditor in this case to conduct the assignment with utmost transparency and accuracy.

At Pipara, we have developed a deep understanding of the work to be done over our years of experience with similar assignments. We have successfully completed a number of such assignments have accomplished them with reliable results.

f) Hospitals & Educational Institutions:

We are currently working with some of the most reputed educational institutions & hospitals in the country and have helped such entities reconcile records, create MIS Systems such that help the board gain insight into critical parameters & ratios remotely thereby granting them absolute hand-on experience with the routine functioning, finances & systems. Through the Firms experience with various institutions, we have developed a tool for the Board to have hands-on control over the payroll management, attendance recording & processing of payments thereof (specially keeping in mind visiting doctors and specialists)


2. HR Audit

HR Audit is a key to any organizations maintenance of standardized operations as well as its growth trajectory. Pipara & Co LLP utilizes key tools to deliver effective & measurable results while undertaking a HR Audit.

3. Forensic Audit

Forensic Audits entail an art of deriving at measurable results with conclusive evidences. Through our experience of more than 30 years specializing in the field of Forensic Audits, the firms Conclusive Forensic Audit Reports have been instrumental to more than 150 cases in the Court of Law besides innumerable out of court settlements.

Pipara & Co LLP is a premier Forensic Audit & Investigation in India, being on board with the most reputed regulators in India apart from numerous banks, Economic Offence Wing and other Investigative Agencies.

The Firm is well reputed with an unblemished track record and has been the trusted professional for MNCs, Large Corporates, Family Organizations and various other entities. The Firm is capable of handling assignments of multi geographic, multi platform organizations that have turnover of upto INR 1 lac crores, which have been successfully delivered in the past.

Pipara & Co LLP’s Forensic, Litigation and Valuation Services (“FLVS”) Group provides forensic accounting, valuation services, economic damages calculations and expert testimony in complex disputes.

Using state of the art analytical tools, experienced eyes & an energized team that is unstoppable, FLVS clients benefit from several distinctive Pipara & Co LLPs approaches.

The business environment of today (and tomorrow) requires a new focus on compliance and operations. Internal audit departments are now expected to oversee the company’s risk management, corporate governance and business improvement processes. With limited resources and increasing risks, management is understandably concerned about how to meet all of these pressing needs.

Pipara & Co LLP’s Process, Risk and Technology Solutions professionals work with small, middle-market and large companies to serve as or supplement their existing internal audit staff.

4. Stock Audit

Stock Audits involving specialized skill set or where the business entity entails a complex structure, Pipara & Co LLPs team is the best fit.

Having immense experience within the firm and with enrolled subject experts, no task is unachievable for the firm

Pipara has designed a unique system of conducting stock audits and has specialized team to deliver the accurate results as per specific requirements of the clients

5. Internal Audit

We undertake Internal Audits wherein we are strong on compliance of the gaps identified, therein helping organizations grow in reality, rather than just on paper.

Internal Audit is a process made to protect the interest of various stakeholders. Although sometimes, Internal Audit is governed by a statute also but most of the times it is done to check the compliance of the functioning and improvement Internal Control Systems and procedures. Generally the Internal Audit process goes along with the routine functioning of the organization. It is blended with the routine operations of the organization and is a regular function.

However, the exact scope and functioning of the Internal Audit is decided in consultation with the requirements of the client. This process inculcates a detailed review of the functioning of the organization and its routine procedures in accordance with the organizational policies framed for the purpose.

At Pipara & Co LLP, emphasis is given to the interest of the stakeholders and the scope behind carrying out the audit.