Company Profile

Pipara & Co LLP is a professionally managed and privately owned firm established under the Chartered Accountants Act, 1949 with a vision to providing excellent Auditing & Assurance, Direct Tax Consultancy, Legal Representations, SAP Consultancy and Management Consultancy services to our client base and be a specialist in this genre of practice.

We are a Practicing Chartered Accountant firm dynamically growing since the past 30 years. We proudly adorn an ISO 9001:2008 certification and have mastered in the fields of Income Tax, Auditing & Assurance, ABDEAS and Management Consultancy.

We have a pan India base clientele and have also expanded our footprints globally to USA, UK and Canada. In India apart from our Branch Offices at Mumbai & Surat we also operate at locations such as Patna, Bhopal, Indore and Nashik.

We are lucky to have Mr. Pipara as a visionary guiding the firm through to one of the most dynamic, effective and professional firms. Mr. Pipara has been on the Board of various National Banks and a Consultant to Economic bodies and Departments of national importance, which gives the firm a much broader outlook on the Economy and Taxation than conventionally expected.

Pipara & Co. has been in existence since 30 years and has scaled great heights in this duration. At one end where we consider ourselves lucky to have the wisdom that comes from experience of 30 years, at the other end we are lucky to have young & dynamic leaders with us who give us a fresh and energetic approach.

We go out-of-the-box to create unconventional ideas and solutions to challenges given to us by our clients. Sometimes we ourselves stand amazed to see how non-conventionalism proves to be of such great benefits in a world governed by text-book procedures and approach.

Services Offered

Feel the Strong Foundation

We have developed and nurtured our roots for 30 years. We have built a strong foundation of knowledge, trust and passion amongst ourselves. Our strong foundation is the culture and ethics that we have inculcated and followed amongst ourselves, which have carved out to be our philosophies that build us.

Experience a Fresh Approach

We all know that experience comes only with time. However with experience often comes inflexibility to innovate. Experience the energy of freshness.

We however, beg to differ. We believe in Innovation being the driving source of our work. We strive to innovate and re-discover routine tasks and problems presented to us by our clients and we find solutions in unique ways. Searching for Insolvency Consultant India ?  Contact Pipara Chartered Accountants today for IND AS Implementation, Forensic Audit CA and Forensic Audit IRP. We are known for Best Insolvency Consultant in India. We bring together the expertise of experience and the passion of innovation to arrive at fantastic elucidations that is much appreciated and goes beyond conservatism to prove its worth.

Accomplish with the Depth of Profundity

As an ISO Certified Organization that caters to wide spectrum of services it becomes important to demonstrate proficiency in each of the services. We are a team of strategic experts specializing in our fields, united together and exhibiting the power of Synergy.

Experience the depth that shapes our foundation and partners success.

Experience Partnership

Partnership is creating magnificence. Association with Pipara & Co. goes beyond consultancy thereby creating a symphony of unmatched exquisiteness and passion. The sense of demonstrating spectacular results remains unmatched and is achieved only when you partner with the right people.

Experience a broader vision

When you can envision anything in its entirety, the decisions taken are fool-proof. For a broad vision experience and pragmatism are indispensable. Experience the power of a broad vision, the power of informed decisions.